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STOP HR 6666

Our goal is simple: to circumvent the diabolical censorship of free speech by Big Tech and social media. These tyrants are far more dangerous than the Nazis, for they can rewrite history and burn books just by pushing buttons and rigging algorithms.

We must fight back. The internet consists of far more than Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and whatever the young are using these days. Probably some ridiculously obvious ploy by our enemies to mine all our data, but no matter.

What can we do outside of our circles? So much of our energy is spent validating and re-validating each other on the same social media websites and apps that we can forget there are other modes of raising awareness. What we need to do is wake up the ones that are still sleeping. If they are trapped in their own little bubbles and we in ours, how do we accomplish this?

We build.

We build websites and run traditional advertising campaigns. Billboards. Emailing friends and family that are still aslumber.

Many before us have already done so much. Link to the work of the giants upon whose shoulders we now stand, and make the masses aware of the brainwashed state in which they currently exist.

On social media, so many great American Patriots can be found trying to spread the message.

For those continually banned, there are better solutions. Build your own website. It is easier now than ever. Follow this (non-affiliate) link to Epik if you want to buy a domain name and build a free website, and ensure your speech will be protected. Or click on one of the ads if you want us to get some revenue to reinvest in the project. The biggest domain name registrars in the world will ban you from having a website if they do not agree with your content, so that is why we recommend Epik. This trend of domain hosting companies deciding who gets a voice is just as disturbing as the constant bans from Big Social Media, possibly even more so.

Take Control of Your Domain Names

We need to advise that you should talk to a lawyer before registering a domain name and/or building a website, but political speech tends to be protected. Don’t register any domain names that infringe on anyone else’s trademarks. Learn about cybersquatting and such. And get to work.

Naturally a million websites is too much for one person or group to do. But this is not a project for one person or group. It’s for all of us. And keep in mind that good domain names are important. That generally means dotcom. Although when there is little available in dotcom, occasionally you may need to go with a .xyz or .club or something recognizable.

We will assume that was the case with contacttracings.xyz. What a terrible domain name but it gets the point across, and it may get search algorithms to bring sheep there to be awakened.

Take Control of Your Domain Names

RonaCure.com however is a bit better. A whole lot of people are going to be looking for a “rona cure” these days. And as for memes? If we encode the truth in memes, the search algorithms will be rendered useless. I think I heard that somewhere. If we build websites but tailor the SEO to appear to be giving sheep the information they seek, but then we deliver the truth, as we are wont to do, through memes, then we will wake up millions.

Everybody say “eugenics” on 3.

That’s the plan. #MillionPageProject or #TheMillionPageProject or whatever.

This will not become a centralized database of any such sites, however.




Decentralization is the answer. When all they want is centralized power and surveillance, then we must fight for the other.

Where we go one we go all.

Vote for Q+.

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